About Waztech


To combine creativity and technology to exceed the goals of our clients
To improve the working lives of our clients and their customers
To add extra value to the solutions we provide
To provide excellent customer service and follow up

The Waztech Team

Steve Wasiura
Steve Wasiura
Internet Technology Expert
Web Application Developer
Technical Support Manager
Andrea Wasiura
Andrea S. Wasiura, PMP
Vice President
Creative Director
Website Developer
Business Manager

Our Services

Project Management


  • Discovery is the process of interviewing and learning about you and your goals. Together we discover who your users are and what they need to know. This helps lay the foundation for your project.
  • Research is the process of gathering information on your competitors. Using the information gathered during discovery, we define the needs and requirements, including user stories and best practices. The results will be compiled with discovery to construct the features of your project.


  • UX (User Experience) is the process of transforming the user stories found from discovery into the strategic design of the project. This includes deciding the best methods for content display that achieves an engaging user experience.
  • Information Architecture is the process of using the findings from both the planning phase and UX process to construct a wireframe of the features and functionality of your project.


  • Creative process will begin with taking findings from the discovery process and translating them into an overall design, including typography, colors, images, animation and other design elements.
  • Programming commences once the creative process has preliminary approval. The design is translated into a working model to be presented in multiple steps during the development of the project. During this process there is a lot of interaction with our client to ensure the project is progressing toward the desired outcome.
  • Content will be managed on a separate process with our client, including any integrations and migrations that are required, to progress smoothly.

Quality Assurance

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is performed in the "real world" with review of the entire project by our client. The process includes any necessary client/user training. All issues are submitted and indexed for tracking and cleanup.


  • With all approvals in place, there is an official launch of the project. Our clients decide when this will happen to ensure that there are no surprises in the process.


  • The closing process includes the review of all properties and confirmation that the final project deliverables have been received. Once your project is complete, our team is available for follow-up support questions.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Using the most up-to-date tools, the SEO service is a detailed process of discovering the best methods to improve organic search visibility for targeted keywords. These findings are applied to your website for the best search results on all modern search engines.

User stories

  • Creating user stories to promote a strategy, whether for a website or other promotional method, is important to keep your customer engaged. These stories are used to engage and increase conversions.



  • Research, discovery, and detailed reporting on your marketing tools.

UX Design

  • Design of promotional materials with focus on the end user.


  • Creating a “brand” allows your customer to recognize you across all platforms.

Drupal and Wordpress

  • CMS configuration, management and training.

Custom Integrations

  • Integrating any social, apis or other external content into your website.

Site Review

  • Reviewing your website in order to discover what enhancements will assist with customer conversion and retention.

Web Apps

  • Small, customized website applications that allow you to showcase your product/event.


  • Updating your current website with a refreshed design.


  • HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL


  • New CMS
  • Upgrade CMS
  • New server

Custom Website Content Management System (retired)

  • Business Blog
  • E-Store
  • Social Website

Media Management

  • Audio/video editing
  • Audio/Video media-to-digital transfer
  • Sound sampling
  • Music composition (sound effects and loops)
  • Media creation (CDs, DVDs, Enhanced CDs) (retired)
  • Software
    • Media management
    • Radio station servers
    • On-air (RadioDJ)
    • Digital Signage

IT Solutions

  • Tech Support
  • Networking (retired)
  • Computer installations
  • Studio/office design
  • Data transfer
  • Display installations
  • Device configurations

Additional Services

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Audio
  • Print (retired)
    • Catalog
    • Promotional materials